The 52 Lists Project

IMG_9094My husband got me this fabulous book for Christmas. I’m excited to fill it out. Trying to get over the need to write my lists in a plain notebook and then copy them into the pretty book in my best handwriting. I’m a list lover by nature. It is how I keep track of everything. I have notebooks and lists going all over the place. So this book is a no-brainer of a gift for me.

From time to time, I will share the list I am working on. I’m hoping to use some of them in my scrapbooking, too. The first list in the book is the one I’m sharing today.


I do think there is power in writing goals down. Here goes:

  1. Get to my desired healthy weight and stay there (effortlessly, if we’re dreaming)
  2. Organize, to include purging and backing up, my digital photos.
  3. House cleared of all clutter. I have a good start on this, but don’t want to peter out before it’s really all been gone through.
  4. Regular Bible study and prayer time on my own.
  5. Paint Alex’s room, Tony’s room, kids’ bathroom, new ceiling fixtures in the hallways (I actually have a separate list of household goals for the year.)
  6. Scrapbook regularly, working on photography and storytelling while I do.
  7. Read 100 books. I’m already behind on this, but there’s definitely time.
  8. Write 100 blog posts. That’s only 2 per week, so I hope I can keep that up, and maybe exceed that.
  9. That Mark A and I will be even closer at the end of the year. We’ve been doing better since we started intentionally dating, but he is gone a lot, so it takes effort.
  10. That all three of my kids will be happy and successful in their own eyes. They are all in different places, so that will be different for each of them.
  11. To visit DC more often (4x a year, min.) and see museum exhibits I’m interested in.


One of the exercises I did when I was searching for my word for the year was one I have done a few different times in my life: Imagine your perfect day, from the time you wake up until you go to bed that night. It had me imagine my surroundings, what I did (and didn’t do) with my time, what I ate, who I spent time with, etc. Then, instead of looking at the exact details of the day, I was to look at how I was feeling on my ideal day. That is what was important, trying to get that feeling into my life, not just the specifics of what I did or ate, or what my house looked like. For some reason, this year, my vision of the perfect day has sort of stuck with me. There is a lot of calm and happiness in my ideal day. Spending time doing things that matter to me, even if they don’t matter much to anyone else. I think it’s a good exercise for anyone. I keep trying to make sure I’m making the right choices for me.

Are you a list maker?

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