January Favorites 2016


Lip scrub from Lush

Winter is rough on my skin, and my lips seem to take the brunt of the weather and the dry indoor air. My son gave me this lip scrub for Christmas, and it is a life saver. Every morning (and sometimes every night before bed if it’s been a rough day) I use this lip scrub after I brush my teeth, then I put on lip balm and let it soak in while I do the rest of my makeup. It makes my lipstick go on smoother, and since I don’t touch up my make up like I should, it needs to start out the best it can.

3204712_fpx.tifLong black cardigan-(similar)

I found a long black cardigan at TJMaxx just after Christmas, when I was looking for something to wear with leggings that didn’t look like a sweatshirt. Mine has some angora hair in it, so it is very soft and warm. I have worn it with my leggings, with a plain black dress (two different ones) and over some joggers. It is super-comfortable and warm, but looks nice enough to wear with a dress. This might be the most versatile item in my closet these days. And with the amount of snow on the ground, I can only think that winter clothes will be around for quite a while. I went looking for a few more online, and I found these.


1-Gap, 2-Old Navy, 3-Macys, 4-Nordstrom



New gloves from Isotoner

I got these black fleece gloves with the SmartTouch feature because 1-they were on sale and 2-I was very frustrated with the cheap knit pair I had already bought, because they did not allow me to work my smartphone, despite their promise. These gloves are warmer, and they really let me use my phone and iPad without taking off the gloves. I can’t find a link to the exact ones I purchased- mine have some pretty ruching up the back, but I don’t see those anywhere online. These are the closest I’ve found.


Jane the Virgin-

This CW series just hit Netflix recently, and I love it. Like, I love it so much that I have watched the entire first season and the first eight episodes from the second season twice since the beginning of January. (I had to venture to amazon and the CW for those episodes.) It is funny and touching and sweet and crazy. While a romantic story at its heart, there is also a whole lot of action going on with drug lords, questionable cops, Miami parties at a big hotel, etc. It is a little hard to categorize, but the main characters are all so likeable, and so nice, and that is unusual these days on TV. I am very excited, because new episodes start tonight.


Turkey burgers

Precisely, these Butterball Turkey burgers. I’ve started a slow carb diet, and I really don’t love meat. High protein and a non-meat lover are a difficult combination, but I really do like these (as long as I have pickle slices, avocado slices, tomato slices and iceberg lettuce leaves as a bun.) They give me the protein I need and help keep me filled up. It’s also nice to have something hot at lunch (and they only take 8-10 minutes in a skillet to get ready!)

What’s on your favorites list this month?





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